AVAFX an Ireland based broke is licensed by the European Union authority MiFid and has users in more then 120 countries. This broker offers over 55 currency pairs and commodities like Oil and gold trading in a top secured platform.

AVAFX offers a free demo with the support ready to assist you from your first steps in the market, a welcome bonus is granted to first deposit. The analysis section is very developed and you can find there many updated information that can help you take the right decisions. The platform allows you to take safe steps with stop loss and take profit command.

The major advantage in this broker is the unique trading tools built in the trading platform; you can learn from other traders success to analysis there moves and behavior, as you know the best way is to learn from the winners, this allows you to understand there moves and when is a good time to close a position. There are many more unique tools like mirror trading and smart filter that helps you find strategies. All information that you do is stored in you portfolio and its simple to look up past investments information.



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