eToro, one of the large, well-known brokers in the Forex market, offers you more than 15 languages on its website. There is 24 hours support available with live chat any time you desire and, if you wish, eToro will provide you with daily news and live alerts directly to your cell phone. Its weekly analysis gives you all of the last week’s highlights with a projection for the coming week.

Its regulation stamp is provided by the strict USA – NFA Authority and the CFTC. This affords you the peace of mind that this is a safe broker. We recommend using the free demo account provided that grants you 100,000 virtual USD to invest in the main platform and test your skills. It’s easy to receive the demo and no payment or credit card charge is required at any time.

One of the advantages of eToro is its unique, very user-friendly platform. Its power lies in its simplicity to open a position, place a rule of stop loss or take profit and use the charts, although it is sophisticated in the many options it offers the advanced trader. You can start trading with only 50 USD in a small trading account and get leverage up to 1:400.